Nanyang Ancient Town

This is a chance to peek into daily lives of small town on the canal.  Being half way of the entire canal length, Nanyang was a gathering place of merchants and visitors.  Do not miss the chance to see an old bank (qianzhuang) and a pancake roaster (Emp Qianlong Pancake).  Even though the entrance of the banks are on the street side, there is always a reception area facing boat ramp.  Those are reserved for large depositors to host meeting and rest.  You will also notice the movable ladders throughout the 2nd floor where lock boxes are stored.  Moving ladders secure the safety of cash as looters would not be abe to find pathways to the 2nd floor security box.  The roast pancake , the “Emperor Qianlong Pancake” was an all-time favorite of the emperor when he visited the town.  

As expected, the houses on the bustling street are restored very closely to the original settings.   The restaurants quarter consists of 4 streets of eateries selling foods across the country.  In the days without airplanes, canal was our national super highway.  We can imagine locals will come to town to enjoy the flavor of China here quite sometime ago. 

The old streets are lively and interesting, with local people selling an array of food products, and going about their days. Duck eggs are a typical souvenir. International tourists don’t come very often now to Nanyang Ancient Town, but during the Ming and Qing dynasties, many businesses thrived here, and the town attracted people from all over China, who opened stores, restaurants and hotels. It was developed and rich, as a stopping off point for ships and their traders, transporting cargo. The Qianlong Emperor, who reigned from 1735 until 1796, visited frequently.

To arrive, you can take a boat from the pier at Yutai, enjoying the pleasant waterside scenery and the gentle breeze. In the town, there are only electric cars – no petrol cars. The air is fresh, and people here live long lives.

Location: Nanyang town, Weishan, Jining 济宁市微山县南阳镇

More info:

      • Tickets: 28 RMB
      • Hours: 6:00 AM to 7:00PM
      • Average time spent: 3 hours

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