Polaris Horologes Culture Museum

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A great clock is not only defined by a masterfully designed inner escapement that keeps accurate time, but also by the artistry and decorative elements on the outside. Yantai is the birthplace of China’s clock manufacturing. This is the first personal collection of a horologe museum in China with clocks and watches. Housed in a century-old historical building, the collection showcases China’s ancient methods of keeping time. Yantai’s port was among the first encounter from Western conquers. Together with an influx of foreign influences, watch-making and the collection began.

More Info:

  • Address: No.1-5 Guangren Road, Binhaijing District, Zhifu District, Yantai City
  • Tel. 0535-661-1259.
  • Average Time Spent: 1 hour
  • Entrance Fee: 30RMB per person
  • Hours: 8:30-16:30

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