Residence of Du Shoutian

Dr. Du Shoutian (1788-1852) is a private tutor of Emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty (1851-1861), the 9th Emperor of Qing Dynasty. Empress Dowager Cixi, who factually ruled China till the end of Qing Dynasty was Xianfeng’s wife. The Summer Place of Beijing was built as birthday gift to Empress Cixi. 

Dr. Du started to tutor Xianfeng since he was six in 1836. In Chinese history, all officialks were selected and initially places based on written exams. That is why being tutor to future emperor earns such huge prestige. Dr. Du’s son was also a minister in Beijing. 

Walking into the former residence of Master Du Shoutian, you cannot help but be touched by Master Du‘s strong belief and diligent personality. His life philosophies are best illustrated by his four virtues: righteous, clarity, peaceful, and cautious.  

Location: Bincheng District, Binzhou City (滨州市滨城区滨北街道办事处南街)

  • Tickets: 50 RMB
  • Hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Average time spent: 3 hour
  • Transportation: DIDI (equiv. to Uber)

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