Shandong Museum (previously known as “Shandong Provincial Art Museum”)

Founded in 1954, the Shandong Musuem in Jinan is the primary museum of Shandong and the largest provincial museum in China. It is located minutes away Jinan’s high speed train station in Xicheng District making it easy for tourist. It houses over 210,000 historical collectables and artifacts. Although many local treasures were moved to Beijing’s National Historical Museum, you can still be surprised by Shandong Museum’s collection. Highlights include relics from the Neolithic Dawenkou and Longshan cultures, and items from across all dynasties in ancient China. It offers a great introduction to the Shandong’s history and its place in China’s history. It also offers a collection of paintings, calligraphy and masterpieces of folk art. Be sure to plan at least 4 hours for the visit. The museum is powered 100 percent by solar panels.

Location: 11899, Jingshi Road, Jinan


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  • Tickets: Free
  • Hours: Tuesday-Sunday (9am to 5pm)

Admission stops at 4pm

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