Soccer Museum

Soccer Museum is right next door. Interestingly, Zibo is the birthplace of the earliest form of football, also known as soccer. Back then, the game was called Cuju; a competitive game where players used their feet to kick a ball around the field. The ultimate goal is to shoot the ball into an opening goal. The use of hands in the game was not allowed. The game was also played in other parts of Asia. Today, Cuju is recognized by FIFA (the Federation of International Football Association) as the oldest recording of the earliest game on foot with a ball. However, the rules that FIFA recognize today are after the old British game started in the Middle Ages, by which a ball needed to be kicked into a net to strike a goal. Those rules are inherited till this day. You will find exhibits introducing FIFA, its history, its leadership changes, and China’s best performance in women’s game about 10 years ago. A miniature display of Zibo’s city life happily playing Cuju (soccer) can be found in the museum. Wide smiles on the Cuju players’ faces convey their happiness.


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