Of the 16 Shandong regions, Weifang is can't be miss
as its craved by many for its Chinese folk art crafts. Weifang continues to attract talents from all corners of Shandong. Walnut carving, cloth tiger shoes, and kites are top 3 collectible items by international travelers.


Being the 1st of 7 kingdoms upon which China was found in 221 BC, Shandong locals (formerly known as the Qi State) are never shy to showcase their craft making heritage. The best handmade souvenir in China are made in Shandong. We would love a spot in your shopping bag.


Aug 15 – Sept 13, 2020 starts a race to choose your favorite Shandong Cultural Tourism Product. Stand a chance to win a trip for 2 for 5 days with airfare in Shandong! Winners will be announced after race end.

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3 festivals in August: Kite, Beer and Confucius. The Kite Festival in Weifang will be Sept 26-28. Chances you will be the sole presenter from your country is big if you participate. Share your kite with us. #visitshandong #travel #explorechina #discover #realchina

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Friendly Shandong

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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
#Linqing had become a major port on the Grand Canal due to its #Custom House (https://travelshandong.com/linqing-custom-post) back in the early colonization era. Population breeds commerce and culinary opportunity.

The Jumbo Eight Bowl is a cannot-miss food. Freshly cooked roast pork, lamb, meatballs, chicken, etc are key ingredients for the Jumbo Eight Bowls. In fact, the origin of this 8-course meal can be traced back to Muslim warriors who assisted the founding emperor of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368AD) in expanding the Yuan territory. All meat can be pre-packed, just like MRE, only to be heated with hot soup and served.

Visit the Yuan section of the Grand Canal. A #UNESCO World Heritage sign is right there, making it official. We can’t wait to see you mark the spot of your visit to the Grand Canal 🙂

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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
Where else can you find a beach that stretches as far as 5km and golden sands along the edges of the sea? Wanpingkou Tourist Area is your place to be. Not only can you enjoy the beach, but the refreshing air and “sunshine” of Rizhao. This will be the highlight of your trip. Many also call it the “Hawaii of the East”. It is recognized as a national AAAA-level tourist spot; the closest to Rizhao’s urban district.

Take another 15 minute drive from the beach, you will find yourself exploring a “town” of food and activities for the entire family to enjoy. This is Dongyi Town - many northern traditional architecture and fishermen’s folk culture are still preserved after many years. There is also a light show at 7pm daily, so you may want to stay for it. And that is the cue when Donyi Town comes to life.

Grab photos with friends and family and let us know if you had a chance to visit it! We will share your photo of such a wonderful trip you had.

*English guides can be provided upon request.
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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
Did you know that Yantai is the birthplace of apple cultivation in China? Back in 1871, apple were first brought over by the West. And when introduced to Yantai, it became a hit soon after. Neighboring regions and cities started getting in on the apple business too. Yantai soon earned its title as the “Apple” Capital of China.

You will find every October at the Yantai International Expo Center, the China-Shandong International Apple Festival will be happening. Because of so much that has disrupted many of our travel plans and adventure, let us be looking forward to next to see fresh apples cultivated from the heart of Yantai.

Check in with us your plans/agenda 🙂

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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
An activity park that runs for miles! How perfect this could be with family or trip with friends. Check out - 2km long glass waterslide; the Geographic Interactive Pavilion, a Time Tunnel you can “travel” through time; hike the Great Qi Wall Cultural Corridor; walking on the 300m colorful glass bridge; or the “natural-formed” heart-shaped Yuanmeng Circle. Just driving into this park, you will definitely stop more than once for photos. A breath of fresh air nature is constantly reminding us.

Got too many things to plan out at the Chinese National Geography Park to finish in a day isn’t it? A sweet little spot by the lily-pond you spend the night at Yuan She Qing Zhi Home-stay. You can continue the rest of your exploration the next day. Or even extend your stay a few days to find out the treasures it may be hiding.

Comment below to find out how to get here so you can start planning your trip!

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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
Just coming to the Bamboo Spring Village brings out such freshness and peace. You can even call this place your city getaway spot. The natural spring water from the mountains nourishes both the bamboos and locals across the village.

There are always night activities the locals love to play – relaxing to traditional folk songs and watching the views of Yimeng Mountain just behind. Other activities to are include water-rafting, walking the glass bridge (a must try), or witnessing local traditional wedding ceremonies. Their styles are definitely different.

Spend at least the night at a local and cozy homestay. Its not quite the same experience you might have had at a hotel. How are you planning your getaway when COVID is over?

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Friendly Shandong
Friendly Shandong
A new home for these endangered rhinos, the Jinan Wildlife have successfully achieved the right environment habitat for these white rhinos. On top of being on the red list of Endangered Species, a new born king has arrived as the mother has just given birth after a long pregnancy.

Many factors were considered and efforts followed to make this historic accomplishment, including the weather climate, air temperature, humidity, and living environment for these rhinos. If you are in #Jinan, make a stop at the Wildlife World to witness this historic moment. You may even watch it grow up from a calf. Maybe few years from now, you may have a baby rhino to look back on 😄

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