Solar Valley Park

Dezhou’s Solar Valley is the first solar theme park in China, with five world-class renewable energy centers and ten solar buildings.

Dezhou leads China in solar renewable energy development. Drive into Dezhou you cannot but notice a huge hotel and conference center that are powered by solar panels. The legendary godfather, known as the “Solar Crazy Man”, is Huang Ming, Chairman of Himin Solar Co. Be sure to tour his Solar Valley Industrial Park with hotels, museums, test labs, and his solar village. His company “Hi-min” not only designs and builds villages powered by renewable energy, but also makes household appliances such as portable solar cookers. His famous solar chicken roaster is sold worldwide via Alibaba’s online shopping network. His travel agency offer eco themed tour packages. His solar roasters are distributed all over the world. His staff of 6000 people operate the largest enterprise in Shandong on renewal energies.

Watch this video – Meet Huang Ming, its creator of China’s Solar Valley. 

What a breakthrough for the future of clean energy!  

Address: Riyuetan Building, Sun Valley Avenue, Dezhou Economic Development Zone

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