Tai’erzhuang, the ancient town

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Taierzhuang blends in with 15 km of water throughout the entire town of 3 km2 with buildings and streets fully restored to its original look 150 years ago. Visualize a Venice version of an oriental water town gate opening in front of your eyes while strolling down the historical streets of Tai’erzhuang.

Tai’erzhuang old city is a rebuilt of the original one that was completely destroyed by the Japanese army during the World War II. However, a section of a wall with vivid bullet holes are kept intact to commemorate this historical event in time. A burial site was also kept to remind people of China’s past hurts. The solders’ remains continue to be found at the construction sites within the town. History is certainly be remembered and not to be repeated. 

Take a look at the architectural varieties. Eight major styles of Chinese architecture are all presented in one place, thanks to the canal traffic which brought people together. Time is tight in the next 48 hours if you stay only for two days. Tai’erzhuang has a lot to explore. 72 temples, numerous merchants, theatres, museums, talent shows, folklore performances, lion dances on high poles, lightshows at night, bar-hopping over lit-up streets, rock music concerts, restaurants, chartered boat tours in the day or night with live singing girls onboard, all add up to the fun during your visit. Be sure to stay overnight in town as you will not want to miss a spectacular night show. Be prepared to receive requests from the locals to take pictures with you because foreigners are treated as models for the locals. Smile and wave back to sweet girls and boys who greet you in English. The sense of a sudden descend into the real China is both gratifying and unforgettable.

Designated as UNESCO’s cultural heritage water-town, the ancient town of Tai’erzhuang is considered to be China’s most beautiful water town in the Zaozhuang region. You will find the entire town surrounded by water with buildings and streets fully preserved to its original look of 150 years ago. Just the architecture alone leaves a smile on your face. There are 8 major styles of architecture on these buildings. But other than that, there are a ton of activities to find yourself filling up 1 full day, from morning to night. The temples, theatres, museums, performances at various hours, etc. will not leave you bored.

Tai’erzhuang has a rich heritage, and tops many of the old cities in scale and history in China. Here, you can simply stroll along the stone roads, look up to see the pure blue sky and white clouds, bow your head to listen to the bubbling stream and smell the fragrance of flowers all around.

Walking on the stone roads of the ancient city, the shop doorways, bridges, and running water on both sides are decorated with small plants, bringing an invigorating aura of vitality and positivity.

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