Tea Gardens

Rizhao boasts to grow the best green tea in northern China. It is called “Rizhao Qing”, directly translated to the “Rizhao Green”. As compared with China’s well-known tea brand, the “Long Jing”, Rizhao Green’s fragrance is more intense and its tea leaf body is curvy and larger. By official record, Rizhao is recognized as one of the top three seaside green tea cities by the World Tea Association. Rizhao produces 1,500 tons of tea annually, about 50% of Shandong’s total tea output. The best tea garden you should not miss is called, “Yu Hai Wan Tea Farm”. Plan to spend 2-3 hours to hear the owner, Mr. Pozi Bao‘s introduction to his tea farm, culture and rituals. You will be personally invited to pick, roast, and taste tea from deep-sea waters drilled 100 feet beneath the seabed. This will be a surprising and delightful experience. Mr. Bo is a living legend of Shandong’s tea culture. He writes poems, and shares many of his fabled stories about tea history. His tea is typically sold out before it hits the market. It is recommended to make a reservation before arriving.


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