The Great Qi Wall at Mount Yuan National Forest

Zibo is proud to have inherited the largest section of the restored Qi Wall in Shandong in its territory. As compared with the Jinyang Pass of Qi Wall in Laiwu, Qi wall in Zibo is wide and very tall. It is a clear indication of Zibo as the capital of the powerful and arrogant Qi State. If you look towards Lu State side, you will find mile long Karst stones serving as deterrent beneath the Qi Wall. This makes any attack against the Qi State very difficult. If time allows, listen to some stories about Qi Wall from the Cultural Museum of Qi State. You can find a very touching story here. Since the Qi Wall was so tough to build, it required male laborers to spend years away from their wives and family. Among them, a girl named Meng Jiang Nu was so sad that her tears touched the souls of a section Qi Wall. This section eventually collapsed as its foundation took too much tears. We are not sure if her husband was sent home or not. Go and find the mark on that section.       


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