The Sun Tzu Cultural Theme Park

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Therefore, requiring the book become part of the most military academy syllabus. The book is also used in large number of business schools around the world too. In Dongying, a Sun Tzu Cultural Theme Park has been built to commemorate his accomplishments. The park consisting of 220 acres was officially opened in 2017.

The Sun Tzu Cultural Theme Park is the best educational institution on ancient warfare in China. Not only does it provide an overview to the origin of the war in China, the park offers a complete inventory in 1:1 ratio of all of China’s major military apparatus including vehicles, extended ladders, bows and arrows, etc. that were used in its 3000 year history. Amongst many dated artifacts is a replica of the then commanding carriage equipped with magnetic compass invented in 206 BC. In addition, instead of describing military strategies in an abstract concept, classic battlefield in the book are recreated to illustrate all thirteen chapters of Sun Tzu’s book including over 10 bridges. You have the chance to walk into history and digest Sun Tzu’s brilliancy with such live scenarios. Be sure to catch the gigantic 360 degree rotating arm that extends over 25 meters long. This 10 floor high arm allows your camera an aerial view of the park. The sunset water dance amid the rise of the Sun Tzu statue is a must see.

All exhibits are English bilingual. It is best to read the book Art of War first, or you can catch up by watching Youtube videos on any of Sun Tzu’s topics. There is also a 3-D movie theater for children to enjoy and yet interact with some of the military games offered.

Location: Sun Tzu Cultural Resort, Guangrao Township, Dongying, Shandong (山东省东营市广饶县孙子文化度假区)

More info:

  • Tickets: 70 RMB
  • Hours: 9:30am to 5pm
  • Average time spent: 1 Day
  • Transportation: Bus from Guangrao Town; or 1 hour Didi (equiv. Uber) from Dongying City

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