The Xue Ye Lake

Mountains are always accompanied by lakes. The Xue Ye Lake is the largest recreational resort area in the entire Shandong province. Xue Ye Lake’s waterway extends to 15 sq km of water space. On the north side of the lake, there is an air strip, a control tower for air shows, and a pilot training school. You will also find an air museum including helicopters, gliders, and single-engine airplanes. Wind-suit flying, air rally, ballooning, drone racing, kayaking, dragon boat racing, scuba diving, biking, running, camping, aerobatics, gliding, helicoptering, hang-gliding are popular sporting events in the region. China’s National Air Sports Festival are held here every 2 years. A five-star hot spring hotel by the lake awaits your stay. It offers 100 lakeside-view rooms to get the best sights of the lake and the sporting events.

A perfect day trip from Jinan ends in the 15 km loop of Xueye Lake, next to the foot of the Great Qi Wall from where the Great Wall of China mushroomed.

Location: Xueye Village, Xueye Town, Laicheng District, Laiwu City, Shandong Province (山东省莱芜市莱城区雪野镇雪野村)

More info:

  • Tickets: Free
  • Hours: All day
  • Average time spent: 2 hours
  • Transportation: DIDI (equiv. to Uber)

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