Weifang Meat Pancake

A small piece of dough is stuffed with meat and peppers rounded into a ball to flatten and form a pancake shape. Then fried into the deep oil and turned several time to allow the ingredients like pork bits, chopped green onions, and shrimps inside to simmer to cook. Chenghuang Temple is known to be the most famous for making such dishes. The look and taste are very enticing to get more. Weifang’s pancake is deeply rooted in the locals.

Roast meat bun is probably one of Shandong people’s favorite foods. Weifang’s Old Chenghuang Temple’s Huoshao (roast meat bun) is especially famous and unique to the locals. Priced at only 2 Yuan RMB. Accompanying it with a bowl of tofu jelly combines both flavors incredibly. Try it at the shop on the intersection of Chenghuangmiao Street.  

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