Weiji Ancient Village

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The ancient village of Weiji is home to many of China’s intangible cultural heritages. The shop of blacksmith, Master Li, we reported last month is in Weiji Village. Lately, this village has gained a lot of traction thanks to online short videos sharing of the traditional crafts as well as the incredible sites of ancient bridges and ancient blue brick buildings. What’s more, the locals here are experts at making vinegar, brewing wine, and grinding hot peppers!

Weiji Village is truly a microcosm of a large amount of the intangible cultural heritages that you can enjoy in Shandong.

It is rebuilt based on a real village called “Yong An” (Forever Peaceful) where more than 20 historical records were found. Previously, it was a small village and you could easily explore the sights in an hour a few years ago. But today, it may take you more than an hour. Detailed directions are readily available with an audio guide as well. Be sure to bring a good camera. We recommend you staying the night for light show entertainment. Check out the fireworks schedule to include to your agenda. Average lodging is $20-$50 per night single occupancy.  

For foodies, this is the place to dive into with more than 300 eateries along five different streets. 

Address: Weiji Town, Huimin County, Binzhou City

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