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  Shandong’s winter weather changes very fast. Sudden temperature drops may catch people off-guard. Heavy snow freezes up the entire city. Weihai instantly becomes another snow city.

  Rimes, ice “stalagmites”, ice falls, and snowmen that formed either naturally or man-made makes this snow-covered world even more stunning.

  Many ask, what is there to do in the winter? Today, you will find out the many activities or discoveries to do in Qingdao and/or Weihai.

City: Weihai, Shandong

Suggested route: Naxianghai – – Chengshan Cape – – Yandunjiao – – Tianmu Hot Spring


First day: Naxianghai

Naxianghai is a romantic little town with breathtaking views of winter beauty.

The sea’s moisture brings in much of the snowfall at Naxianghai than anywhere else in Weihai. Snow fall silences the city. All you can hear is the sound of footsteps meeting the snow. Calmly listen to the snow falling, and the whole world suddenly softens.



The second day:

First stop: Chengshantou Cape

At Chengshantou Cape, witness the most beautiful sunrise and meet the first dawn of Shandong.

Chengshantou Cape is known as “China’s Cape of Good Hope”, where Shandong greets its first glimpse of sunrise. It is also known as the “end of the sky”. It faces South Korea across the sea, and it was once named as one of the “eight most beautiful coastal spots in China” by China National Geographic.


Second stop: Yandunjiao: (the Beacon Tower at Yandun Village)

At Yandunjiao, many gorgeous white swans await your arrival. 30 minutes from Chengshantou Cape is our second stop, Yandunjiao. It is located in Shilidao Town, Rongcheng City, and it is a small fishing village nestled by the mountains and rivers.


During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD), a smoke tower (“yandun” in Chinese) was built on a mountain top. Hence, residents over the years have called their village, Yandunjiao. Every winter, nearly a million swans will migrate here and have their fun time.


The third day: Tianmu, get ready to be to be nourished by the hot spring.

Weihai’s Tianmu Hot Spring is exquisitely constructed. It is hidden deep within the forest, like a natural spring pool. It reflects the harmony with nature everywhere. Once you have experienced the hot springs here, you will understand how its reputation of the “most distinctive open-air hot spring” came about.

Preparations and/or Reminders:

  1. Prepare extra layers of clothes for sudden temperature drop;
  2. Prepare cold medicines in case of need;
  3. Bring an extra portable battery to recharge your cellphone for your return back to the hotel.

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