Winter Tour in Qi-Lu | 2D1N

City: Qingdao, Shandong

Route: St. Michael’s Cathedral– The Pier – Signal Hill Park – Tsingtao Beer Museum – Badaguan (The Eight Great Passes)


1st stop:  At St. Michael’s Cathedral we greet Old Qingdao.

This is one of the largest Gothic buildings in China. Qingdao is filled with romance. Among countless must check-in landmarks, this church stands out sharp. It is located on Zhejiang Road and is a superhot spot for wedding photos.


This century-old cathedral was designed by a German architect, Bilohar, based on Gothic and Roman architectural styles. Strolling in and out of the cathedral, you can hear, smell, and meet pieces of history that have been buried in the cobble stones, bricks, and glasses of the church, all telling you stories about Qingdao’s past.


  2nd stop: The Pier, watch as flocks of seagulls roam the shoreline.

  The Pier in December is always blanketed by white snow.

  As you step onto this fairy pier, your heart will be melted by the music of snow flakes, waves, and the whistling of the pier’s best friend – seagulls.




This is a popular spot for seagulls, especially during the winter seasons. Flocks of seagulls will gather.

Some resting comfortably on the railings while others are surfing along the waves.


3rd stop: Signal Hill Park. Enjoy views of the old city

Signal Hill Park is located in the center of Qingdao, and was named after a signal station built on top of the hill to guide ships. Although it is only 98 meters above sea level, its height gives you a full coverage to take in the entire “old” city.


From afar, you would not have imagined what these three red-roofed mushroom structures on top of the hill are. The tallest one is a 360-degree observation tower that spins in circles every 20 minutes. What a view you will get when it snows, my dear Qingdao!


The 4th stop: indulge yourself in beer at the Tsingtao Beer Museum

The Tsingtao Beer Museum is the first beer museum in China. Here, people can learn about Tsingtao Beer’s history, and best of all, have a great time with your drinking buddies.


Walking through century-old German architectures and original beer-making facilities, Tsingtao Beer Museum tells its story of Tsingtao Beer’s origin and how it has evolved into today’s conglomerate. A variety of aged beer bottles and worn out gigantic barrels cannot wait to share stories at their peak brilliancy.


 Second Day

 1st stop: at Badaguan, stress free.

 Winter is the season to rewind. Cold weather and sparse traffic could be the reason for reduced crowds. You can also find clustered European-style architectures sit quietly watching lingering traffic gradually pick up its traffic stream at rush hour.

 This is the way of the locals to watch over their city.



Historical European buildings are quietly standing through the flood of history, even when the flow of people and vehicles are gradually increasing, they still continue to over watch this land.

Walking in Badaguan, you do not have to deliberately find a route to tour. You can roam around the area slowly and comfortably as if forgetting the time of day.


Preparations and/or Reminders:

  1. Prepare extra layers of clothes for sudden temperature drop;
  2. Prepare cold medicines in case of need;
  3. Bring an extra portable battery to recharge your cellphone for your return back to the hotel.


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