World Kite Museum

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The museum covers 12,000sq meters with 12 exhibition halls. You will be surprised to find many traditional kites kept here, and many other well-known Chinese philosophers who kite players. For military fan favorites, there is a guide which shows how kites were weaponized to carry fire power and to be detonated. There are audio guides available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Weifang is best known as the “Kite Capital of China”.  Not only does Weifang produce kites, it also holds an annual international kite festival, where people from 30 countries compete for honor and prizes.

While the best time to visit Weifang is during Chinese New Year, the 2nd best time is from April 20th to April 25th, when international kite festival is being held here.    

The largest Kite Museum is a magnet to fans of kiting all over the world. Historical and champion kites are organized by categories and are on display at eight exhibition halls.  From those kites, you will clearly sense diversified culture at different parts of the world.  You will also see club flags from more than 30 countries here.   You will be surprised to see how people use kites to share their cultural heritage from Pittsburg, and Malaysia to Japan. Kite flying brings people together.

The most interesting part about kite history is how men have developed different purposes for it. We have found recon usage of kites in ancient China. The museums audio system in English is the best in Shandong. Its location service tracks your movement to different halls, and your audio guide follows your eyes. 

Workshops are scheduled daily to teach visitors how to make kites. 

Weifang is known as the “Capital of Kites,” so it is only natural that it is home to the World Kite Museum. The museum houses more than 2,000 kites from around the world spread out over 12 galleries. The square outside the museum is a popular place for local people to fly kites in spring and summer.

Location: 66 Xingzheng St, Kuiwen District, Weifang ( 潍坊市奎文区行政街66)

More Info:

    • Ticket: 30 RMB
    • Hours: 9am to 4:30pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
    • Average time spent: 2 hours
    • Transportation: Bus, Bike

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