Yangjiabu Folk Culture Village

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During the Ming and Qing era (1368-1902), Weifang owed its fame to 200 furnaces, 3,000 blacksmiths, 9,000 sewing machines, and 100,000 looms. This would explain that while downtown Weifang’s high-rise building dominated the city’s landscape, Weifang as a region (in Shandong, all regions are named after its regional capital city) is still largely rural. Traditional artisan craftsmanship and lifestyle is purposely reserved.

The best folk art and folklores are displayed everywhere in Weifang. Yangjiabu is a village-turned folk art depot at the northeast end of Weifang City. Setting your foot onto this village, immediately you will be overwhelmed by locals’ inviting smiles and eagerness to share their products. You will find paper-cutting, kite-making, wood block paintings, shoemaking and more inside the village’s 38 rooms. We were told that Yangjiabu Village produces 200 varieties of kite in six categories including the 350 m long dragon-centipede kit; the world’s longest. You will see how kites are made to fly, no matter if they are plain or fancy. 

Traditionally, Chinese New Year is a time to present “farmer’s paintings” as a gift. It is an exaggerated painting of rural life in China with a big smile across everyone’s happy face. Fish are a big part of the paintings, as the word, “fish” is pronounced the same as “extra” in Chinese. Who does not want some extra cash for the New Year? Yangjiabu is one of two national centers of farmers painting production in China. Plan at least 4 hours at this village, and bring extra cash too.

Located in the northeast of the city, this folk art museum is designed to look like a traditional northern Chinese walled residential compound, filled with interactive exhibits about paper cutting, kite making, wood block painting, and more. You can watch local artisans making kites and other handicrafts and purchase some as souvenirs.

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