Mount Lao is highly praised throughout the world for its spectacular scenery of mountain and sea.  The most vivid example of such scenery is the Yangkou Tourist Area. The Yangkou Beach is wide and flat – quite a juxtaposition to Mount Lao’s peaks and canyons – with superb sand quality, clear blue water and beautiful mountains and seas.

The Taiping Palace, aka the “Palace on the Sea”, is hidden amongst the green bamboo and teal pine trees. On top of the Lion Peak, so named after its natural lion shape seemingly ready to jump off the rock, you will capture a perfect sunset view over the sea.  Below the peak, you can see the charming scenery of the “Lion Ridge”, the sight such as the Mitiandong Cave, and above all, the breathtaking “Longevity” mountain, which has the character “Longevity” in Chinese carved 36 times onto the mountain’s surface.

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