Zhiqing Village at Yellow River Estuary

Travel through Shandong’s mysterious 5A attraction with more than hundreds of years of history.

Other than the magnificent sights of the Yellow River Delta in Dongying, the nearby Zhiqing town is an exotic location in and of itself!  

The beautiful Zhiqing Village on the Yellow River estuary, a mere 5 kilometers from the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve, the Yellow River estuary has a one-of-a-kind scenery, and the Zhiqing Village exhibits a deep cultural memory from a special bygone era.  

Here you can still see remnants of 1960-1970s when Chinese youths were sent to the countryside and farmland. Walking into the village is like walking into China’s contemporary history. It is about 30 kilometer from Dongying municipal airport connecting to the city center by bus.  Charter buses are available to the Yellow River estuary area.

Zhiqing museum, Zhiqing arts museum, mess hall, family farm, fire camping site, opera stage, the yellow river oil painting museum, painter’s village, hot spring resort, and RV park are points of interest to stop by. 

Look at B&B of the 1950-1960s, restored to its original style. Efforts were made to recreate what looked like before in much detail. Enjoy some artwork while staying overnight. You can also see migratory birds from afar. Wake up to the roses blossoming and the hummingbirds singing. What to expect better than this?

Here you will find an arts museum, history museum, and get to know what Zhiqing and yellow river culture is about.  


Facilities within the village:
  • The Dining Hall
  • Zhiqing Museum
  • Zhiqing Art Museum
  • Field Development Training Base
  • Artist Creation Base
  • Training Center
  • Picking Garden
  • Zhiqing Big Stage
More Info:
  • Address: Zhiqing village at Yellow River Estuary
  • Fee: 466-666 CNY (USD 70-100) for an overnight stay
  • Tel: 0546-2628001/0546-2628099

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